citroen ds plateau tissier
does size really matter, or does it just look impressive? like big cars? actuallyidontknowanythingaboutcars wants to show you a pic of a very impressive car: a citroen ds, modified as a transporter. the french ds, also known as „the goddess“, is the car of the avant-garde for 40 years now – might be the reason, why you don´t see a „working goddess“ everyday.

informations about this modified ds´s are hard to find – if you don´t speak french! martijn, who adores the french goddess, was the one to give a helping hand to those, who don´t know anything about cars:

Hi actuallyidontknowanythingaboutcars,

it is a DS Plateau Tissier. They were made in the 70ties. They were available as bagagere (Panel van) and Plateau car transporters.
Later Pierre Tissier made the famous CX and XM 6 and 8 wheelers as Plateau, bagagere and ambulances.
He also made a one of SM plateau.


thanks martijn for your support! here is the ds commercial. avant-garde, as said…